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If you have Bitcoins sitting idly in your wallet, we can offer you a chance to put them to work by placing them into our trading network pool where they will be used by an expert team of traders and analysts in cryptocurrency market to expand their business activities. We have two level of membership in this program. Starter and Professional where you can invest earn weekly and monthly ROI on your investment.

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We require a simple registration process. Submit your e-mail address and your account...

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You can withdraw your ROI earned from your loan. All you have to do is to request it ...

Unique Trading Strategies

Unique, modern, win-win trading strategies, developed directly by the traders of the...

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Employees of the company know everything about the cryptocurrency market, and instead...

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Crypto Trend provides each new investor with an opportunity to receive the maximum...



About Us Crypto Trend?

Today you can invest in the best cryptocurrencies in a blink of an eye, if you have good market knowledge and trading skills. Traders take more money out of the cryptocurrency market than anyone else in the field. Forget about mining, it needs expensive equipment and electricity fees. You could also earn money by holding funds in cryptos, but that's a low income compared to trading. Cryptos are highly volatile at the moment. Why not use this volatility to earn yourself a great income?

Crypto Trend is working with the best traders online to be part of the crypto "bubble". The higher amount we use for trading, the higher amount of returns we can make. These returns are split between our investors, and our workers.

Crypto Trend is an integrated Crypto Trading company, focusing on online operation for the global market with experts and advisors. The Upstream operations (Exploration & investment) are conducted with the best traders in the cryptocurrency world. The Downstream operations (collection and distribution) are marketed through a network of branded and unbranded terminals worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to get the maximum profit to invest at minimal risk. Our team of financial experts, who work full-time to ensure the effective and rapid analysis of the current financial situation.The Fund is mainly engaged in the trade of cryptocurrency market starting bitcoin, altcoins, participating in well informed ICOs. Financial markets offer high yield for merchants, but contain high risks, especially when they are involved limited tools.

CRYPTOTREND LIMITED has no limits imposed on the structure of the assets of our company...

Standard Affiliate Offer

Referring people to CryptoTrend takes little effort but can pay off with big rewards. If you have an online presence and are interested in earning referral rewards, CryptoTrend’s Multi-level affiliate program might be an ideal choice for you.

CryptoTrend offers a unique multi-tier affiliate program that allows you to receive up to 10% referral commission ( Introducing and Binary) on every individual on membership and their invested amount into CryptoTrend that a referred client makes. For serious networkers we have excellent reward program. See details in Business Plan section.

Leader/Representative Affiliate Offer

If you're a networker and have a proven track record then this offer is designed for you! We encourage leaders who work hard to engage others in the process and we motivate them by assigning an extra individual Referral Commission to represent a region.

Please, contact us via support email at with Subject: Representative Offer to get more details.

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Crypto Currency market amounts more than 166 Billion market capital trading in over 5 Billion daily market volume. It alone producing more millionaires each year than any other sector in the business world...

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Buying the right stock and having a good portfolio is not enough to be successful trader. Reducing risks with timely decisions , diversifying the portfolio at correct manner and ultimately choosing a right time to sell off...


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Distribution of Equity among right traders , market and thereafter return to investors are the core of the business operations. Be it the transaction methods or compensation...

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