Q1 : What is Crypto Trend?

Crypto Trend is an Internet-Based Crypto Trading Management service with Weekly, Fortnightly, and monthly return for Individuals anywhere in the world.

Q2 : Who runs Crypto Trend?

Crypto Trend is funded , managed and marketed by group of industry experts. Crypto Trend Entity is registered in HongKong . This is ventured as an online investment program facilitating small investors who wants to profit from rising cryptocurrency market.

Q3 : What is the channel of communication with administration?

You can always contact via support towards administration available on our website through our toll free number, email, live chat and telegram channel. Official communication with the members all around the world is via e-mail registered with our database. You should receive periodic updates and views on market via registered mail only.

Q4 : Is there any limitations to How much I can earn?

There is a capping (maximum limit in a Weekly ) on binary bonous. Apart from that there is no restrictions on any other earnings .For professional member the maximum binary per Week is $3,000 and for Smart member $1000, All Network Bonus 70% Global wallet 30% Shopping wallet.

Q5 : Do I need to sell anything to make money here?

Absolutely not. You may enjoy our leveraged financial tools without referring anybody as well. You can deposit for 18 month with us minimum $25 to unlimited amount.

Q6 : Is there risk involved in my investment?

Every leveraged financial tool has its own disadvantages and risks . The potential risk is proportionate to the income potential as well. Our expert team always keep sharp eyes on the methods of reducing risks at the possible ways and we encourage due diligence of our members and associates as well.

Q7 : What is shopping wallet?

This is a special wallet system inside our platform to purchase value end products or services we offer. More services and products will get added soon.

Q8 : Can I promote Crypto Trend in the world?

Yes, you can promote unless you violate our terms of services or law of the land.

Q9 : What is the payment gateway?

Until now we have partnered with BitCoin, Ethereum, LightCoin, DashCoin, and RippleCoin, More options will be opened soon as we go through the certification process.

Q10 : How do I withdraw fund?

You can withdraw your funds as soon as they become available to your global wallet, Network wallet and it should land in your cryptocurrency account within 72 business hours.

Q11 : Can one member have multiple business accounts?

We do not restrict anybody to open business centres . However it is strongly advised that you only open one business centre.

Q12 : How do I get updates about the company and its proceedings?

You will get it via email registered into our platform . To avoid unwanted events we strongly discourage social media activities and encourage other tools of internet marketing.

Q13 : Could you explain me the step by step business roadmap?

We have $50 for professional and $20 for Smart membership. Instead of Free Registration we have these paid one time membership to eliminate people who are not serious into business. We always attract quality networkers and investors into this amazing platform to have a win win scenario for all.

Q14 : Can you explain how to start with Crypto Trend ?

To start with the Crypto Trend you have to register with us. There is one time fee for registration: $50 for professional and $20 for Smart membership . $50 is designed for networkers who want to build and achieve extra income through their team . For people who wants to enjoy the investment return $20 priced Smart membership is best suited. Note that both account will earn 10% To 12% per month on your investment.

Q15 : Can you explain the "revenue pool"?

Revenue Pool : This is a special sales pool for Diamonds . The sales profit during a calendar month is calculated and 5% of it is allocated for diamonds . All the diamonds share the pool equally. Example : if the sales profit during month of January is $1 Million , then 5% of it is $50,000 . This 50,000 will be shared by the Diamonds and if the total number of diamonds is 10 , the Revenue for month of January for each diamond is $5000. Every Diamond will get a balance report with sales profit in their email and within 7 working days will get the revenue fund in their respective wallet.

Q16 : Could you explain me the step by step business roadmap?