Standard Affiliate Offer

Standard Affiliate Offer


Referring people to CryptoTrend takes little effort but can pay off with big rewards. If you have an online presence and are interested in earning referral rewards, CryptoTrend’s Multi-level affiliate program might be an ideal choice for you.

CryptoTrend offers a unique multi-tier affiliate program that allows you to receive up to 10% referral commission (Introducing and Binary) on every individual on membership and their invested amount into CryptoTrend that a referred client makes. For serious networkers we have excellent reward program. See details in Business Plan section.

Multi-level affiliate programs can be a strong feature to help motivate your affiliates to search for new affiliates, which in turn, will earn more commissions for them.

These referrals traditionally come from your online platform, but some successful affiliates utilize e-mail and offline platforms very effectively. Multi-level affiliate program could be a strong feature that motivates your affiliates to search for new affiliates, which will in turn earn more commissions and rewards for them.